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The year: 2110

The Mission: Take down a renegade gang that's threatening to destroy what little is left of law and order in the United North American States. There's only one problem. The bad guys out number the U.N.A.S. Rangers twelve to one. As if that isn't trouble enough, there's a Dragon on Von's tail -- and when the Dragon turns out to be one hot, sexy Elf, things really heat up.

In a tale inspired by a Dragon-Gargoyle who played guardian over Philadelphia's Sci-Fi Fantasy convention, PhilCon 2003, Shelby Morgen manages to destroy the world -- and rebuild it again with a tiny spark of hope for mankind.

2286: The North American Continent
Area once known as Upstate New York

In the aftermath of battle, Esterion, Ranger of the New Order, is looking for nothing more than a few moments’ peace. The last thing she expects is to be swept off her feet -- literally -- by a massive Blue Dragon who claims she’s his mate. Esterion knows nothing of the old ways -- her mother’s seen to that -- and she’s not about to be cowed into accepting Cerulean’s word that she’s the mate he’s been seeking for over 100 years. She certainly wasn’t searching for him!

But when her father, Pajja, shows up to rescue her, Esterion finds she’s not at all sure she wants to be rescued. Not when the stakes are higher than she’s ever bargained for, and the fate of Humanity hangs in the balance.

• "The sex between Von and Jackson was very hot, and the story line involving survivors will keep me watching for the next book. Dragon's Watch: The Night Before Christmas is a Keeper for me." Dani Jacquel, Just Erotic Romance Reviews (Issue #41) 5 Stars

Dragon's Watch 1.5: The Night Before Christmas
#12 of the Hot Toddies

The need and courage of the Ranger, Von, have rekindled interest in the affairs of Humanity within the breast of Pajja, the last of the Watchers. Von’s faith -- and desperation -- have brought Pajja’s mate, Omellain, back from the realm where she slumbered. Refugees gather at Camp David, searching for hope in a dying land. Now Von must make decisions that will affect humanity’s future, as well as her own. But for one night, Jackson vows to make her forget the responsibilities of command, and remember only what it is to be a woman, and his lover -- a very special night -- The Night Before Christmas.

• "It is a story of hope and the power of love to redeem even the most terrible circumstances. With tantalizing hints for future plots and orgasmic sex, I put Dragon’s Watch series on my must read list."
Patrice Storie, Just Erotic Romance Reviews (Issue #41) 5 Stars

Desire Island

A gateway to the heart’s deepest desire,
To passion’s heat, to love.
The wind-tossed sign at the front gate always reads “Vacancy.”

Stephanie Burke: Take Me With You
Lost in a futuristic desert, Gray finds himself surrounded by his worst nightmares and falling for an exotic creature who stirs up memories of his dark past. Gray will stop at nothing to ignite a passion that will unite their souls as one.

Treva Harte: Reflections
The perfect trophy wife. Mason’s given Lilli everything she’s asked for. And she’s given him -- everything. Now her mirror shows her a truth she’d rather not see. And is the hunk who beckons to her from another life in her past, or is he her future?

Shelby Morgen: The Summoning
A spell so powerful -- and dangerous -- its use is forbidden. Welcome to Earth 2456. Marylin accidentally steps into a future that’s not her own. Roanen appears to be the fulfillment of Marylin’s every sexual fantasy, but are the visions that haunt her memories of past lives and past loves...or mistakes she’s doomed to repeat?


• "You will become entangled in the fairy web Ms. Morgen spins as soon as you read the first page of this captivating book." (Changeling)
Janean Sparks ~~ Romance Junk

Candy, Ecataromance Reviews 4 1/2 Stars (Desire Island)

• "Ms. Morgen is a genius at weaving an intricate tale in a small venue. Von is strong but still maintains a weakness, and Jackson is a loving man but with an edge of steel. Run for Ms. Morgan's Dragon's Watch series, it will not disappoint!"
Sara Sawyer, The Romance Studio 5 Hearts


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