Amy’s having a bad year. She’s lost her husband and her job and all she’s got left is a house with a mortgage and a book that refuses to be written. But she’s got Marley Davis, a great critique partner who never gives up on her, and a dozen Chapter Threes that just need to be turned into books.

If only she could get past the sex scenes.

Jean and Danny -- or whoever their names are in this chapter -- have been stuck in these files far too long. They’ve had enough. Time for the characters to take over. It’ll take everything they’ve got, and maybe a little help from Marley, to save this book, but they’re not going down without a fight. It’s Mutiny… in Chapter Three.

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DELETED SCENES by Shelby Morgen.

“I don’t believe in Magic.” Did he actually say those words -- out loud -- in an Irish pub, on St. Patrick’s Day? Divorced and alone, Michael Matthews doesn’t believe in much of anything anymore. So when he downs several mugs of Irish Stout while listening to the barkeep weave a tale of magic and intrigue centuries old, Mich’s judgment might be slightly impaired.

Mich wakes up bound and naked in a Fairy's webs. He isn't really sure he wants to escape the gorgeous little creature… but what's he to do with a lover who's only five inches tall?

She's the Changeling Fairy, and she has a bag of Fairy toys -- including magical restraints and Fairy Oil -- she’s just itching to try out on her captive. She's caught Mich for just one purpose -- she has every intention of spending St. Patrick's Day having wild Fairy sex with this hot hunk of an American. Just as soon as he learns to cooperate!

A desperate woman who has found her hero. He’s perfect. The embodiment of every fantasy Tory’s ever written. There’s only one little problem. Tory writes sweet romances. Her perfect lover’s not anatomically correct! That’s a problem she should be able to solve. But how do you describe a penis?

Cardboard Hero: a Contemporary-Paranormal-Romantic-Suspense that takes a satirical look at the mind of a writer. You might want to visit, but you don’t want to live there. Trust me.

This release includes the companion to Cardboard Hero: Wild Geese, Tory’s book.

Scotland -- The Year of Our Lord 1749
Captain Ewan MacKenzie. A man with a price on his head. They called him the Gray Ghost. Untraceable. Unstoppable.

One woman would attempt what the entire English Navy couldn't manage. Riona Chattan-Campbell vows she'll stop at nothing to avenge her husband's death. Now only one thing stands between her and her goal -- she’s falling in love -- with the enemy.


Perfect skin, dusted a light powder blue. Bright burgundy Mohawk. 6'4". Dark blue uniform. Big shiny gun. Yeah. I'm the Troll under the bridge. But if you're reading my blog, you know that. That's why I call it Troll's Blog. Duh. Sooo not a euphemism.

You'd think the tusks would give it away. But I guess people are pretty used to seeing body art, even dental sculpting. Amazing what dentists can do these days. Did I tell you I worked in a dentist's office for a while? Till I bared my tusks at a child who thought he wanted to be unruly in my office. He changed his mind. Unfortunately so did the dentist. I wasn't going to eat him. Honest. Kids don't even taste all that good.

But I digress. This story isn't about me. Not exactly. It's about my blog. And Sam. And another one of Sam's great ideas. No, not like the one where he and Kara's fiancé got to watch me and Kara hold our own private bachelorette party. Though that was seriously hot. No, this story's about Sam. And how he saved Troll's Blog by coming up with one of the coolest ideas ever. You're gonna love it. Really.

Publisher's Note: Bedtime Stories in no way represents any actual publishing company. Any resemblance to the staff and authors of Changeling Press is purely coincidental. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

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Yeah, I know, it’s been a while since I posted. Sorry, you ravenous fiends. My life’s been kind of boring of late. Sam’s on assignment and won’t be back for a while. Troll’s lonely. So I went to see my sister.

Did I mention I have a sister? I have a sister. Molly. And she’s got… you’ll never believe this. I didn’t, till I saw them with my own eyes. Gawd, they’re gorgeous. Five -- count ‘em, five -- werecats. Man, the things they can do with those tails!

Turning this over to Molly -- she can tell the story far better than I can.

Oh. Sorry about the ads… we’re using a lot of bandwidth these days. Got to do something to stay on the grid.

Some things you just know. If you’re a Troll, what better place to hang out than under a bridge, right? But if you’re a Cop, chances are you’re like genetically predisposed to mess with the Troll. Not a good move. Especially when the Troll has a thing for Cops. Especially tall, strong, hot bodied cops…

• "A thoroughly engaging tale full of humor and the unexpected, THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, is an erotic fairy tale sure to please."
Phillipa Ann, Reviewer for: Romance Reviews Today

• "Wow! This is one hot read! The steaming sex and unexpected ending will keep you smiling long after you finish Firecracker: The Troll Under The Bridge."
Trang, Reviewer for: Fallen Angel Reviews

So you want to know about Trolls. Well, the only thing I can tell you is about THIS Troll. I’m taller than most of you, stronger, faster, and I like to hang out under bridges. I mean really. What’s the use in being a Troll if you can’t catch a good laugh now and then? And occasionally a Cop. I have a thing about Cops. Or at least one Cop in particular…


So I gotta tell you about Mara, and the bachelorette party. Mara’s my partner. Damn, but she’s gorgeous. A few extra pounds, but all in the right places. Man, the way she fills out that uniform. I’m not gay. Or a lesbian. Whatever the PC term is these days. I’m really not into women.

If you’ve been here before you know I’m crazy about Sam, the Cop. It’s not like I’d ever trade him in. But damn. A woman’s got to have her fantasies. But when I walked into the interrogation room last night, I expected a different kind of party. Not my soon-to-be-married partner, naked and waiting…


• ""The reader will fall in love with Michael and Arien, who is a delight. Destined to be a St. Patrick's Day classic." (Changeling)
Candy ~~ Coffee Time Romance


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